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    Inspiration to get started

    We all have goals in life, big goals, small goals, long and short term goals. There are two challenges in having goals, and it is not identifying them, that part is easy! The first challenge is in achieving the goal, the second is in sustaining the momentum of success. MyDagaz™ is the first ever to provide the tools and support you need to meet both challenges, and more. It is a fun, exciting new way to keep on track to any goal – weight loss, bucket list, buying a house, whatever your can think of! The goals are yours, personalized and custom. Don't let yourself down again and again, get started with MyDagaz™ and get back on track and reach your goals!


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    Motivation to keep going!

    How many times have you found yourself part way to your goal then falling off the wagon – again. Losing the same 10 pounds over and over. Saving up the same $1,000 toward a big purchase over and over. MyDagaz™ is specifically design to keep you focused on your goals and achieving them once – and sustaining your success. It is so easy to lose track of goals as our days get increasingly complex, and time slips away from us. MyDagaz™ makes it very difficult to lose focus through multiple support tools that are unlike other online-only solutions. Isn’t it time you reached your goals and stopped just talking about it?


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    Achieve Happiness Through Success

    We are proud to be the only community that focuses exclusively on supporting you in your success. MyDagaz™ sole purpose is to help you remain focused on your goals and try to support you on the journey to achieving your goals and dreams in life. Through our online community, the tools we make available to you and the support provided by us and the online community, it is easy to remain focused on the things you want to accomplish in life - whatever they are! Embrace the winning feeling of success in achieving a life-long goals. Stop putting it off - reach your goals now: let’s see you post “I reached MY goals!”
  • Can MyDagaz™ Help Me?

    MyDagaz™ will help you reach your goals!

    Just like the penguins huddle together to survive winter storms, we all huddle together to help every MyDagaz™ member resolve any issues. You not only have us, but you have the entire MyDagaz™ community behind you for help, support and encouragement in your quest to reach your goals.

  • The Recipe for Success

    Determination, Focus and Support

    It might seem obvious that you need to be determined and focused, but in reality it is incredibly difficult to remain in this state, and that is where MyDagaz™ makes a world of difference. Join us today and get started!

Our Inspirational Stories

Travel around the world + Antarctica

My entire life I have wanted to go on a cruise around the world and see Antarctica for myself. I only wish I had MyDagaz™ available to me back then, because it would have kept me focused on my goal. I am now a new MyDagaz™ user and saving up for my next trip. About 10 years ago...