Building a garage, recreational room and roof deck

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Building garage, rec' room & roof deck

I have never built anything in my life, but out of necessity I had to bite to bullet and build a garage, a recreational room/gym and a roof deck for my family. The family needs the recreational room/gym due to health reasons and because we live near the ocean everything...

we leave outdoors rusts and deteriorates faster due to the salt water. We cannot afford to hire someone to build the structure unless we save up for a couple years, so I decided to do this myself so we can get it sooner.

Not too many people thought it was a good idea for me to take on such a large project by myself, but I believe in myself and knew I could learn what was needed to complete the job. I am also one of the lucky people to get one of the MyDagaz™ prototype bracelets, and I can assure you it has given me the motivation and drive to stay focused on what I needed to do to move this project forward.

At the time of writing this, I have completed the garage and lower level and working on the first floor walls and staircases. It has been a long journey and I am not done yet, but I am moving forward although much slower than I anticipated. I have been working on this for about 4 months now, and expect it to take another 1.5 months to finish. Doing the work during the summer months has been brutal with the heat and the sun beating down on me every second of the day, and I have more or less been perpetually dehydrated the entire summer.

Still, I have kept going despite cramping, muscle aches, sore feat and more splinters than I can keep track of, and I have to give the MyDagaz™ bracelet so much credit for keeping my focus "laser sharp" and on point. My wife and kids can attest to my grumbling on the way out the door for sweat drenching session, but I have done it and not skipped a single day of building whenever possible. I do have a "day job" which of course helps to pay for the materials.

In case you are wondering - yes, we have saved a LOT of money by me doing everything myself. I should mention that I did not do the concrete foundation (but I did all the excavation and prep-work for it), and I did not put in the steel beam, but I have done all the carpentry work with virtually zero help! Finally, I want to thank my family and MyDagaz™ for the support and encouragement, and I am already planning my next project :-).

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