Our Philosophy and Goal

The MyDagaz main mission is to support our members in reaching their goals and dreams in life, and we do this by providing online tools, a superior support community and by wearing our Goal Reminder Bracelet and Milestone Charms. The online support community is there to help and encourage our members during trying times and when life slumps or hits a low. We feel it is critical to have someone to talk to when this happens because we all know life always has some surprises in store for us. Although the online support is important, we firmly believe the most critical piece in achieving success is using the Goal Reminder Bracelet, as it is always with you as a constant reminder.

MyDagaz™ is all about helping you focus and achieve on your dreams and life goals at this moment in time, but we also want you to avoid regrets later in life. People in their twilight years often reflect on their lives and the regrets they have, and we want to help you avoid these regrets by being conscious about the things you want to change or improve on, and actively work on making those changes. Nobody wants to live with regrets, but I dare say we all have them and MyDagaz wants to help you focus on your goals to avoid this!

MyDagaz™ wants you to focus more on yourself and your dreams and goals, because we believe that will make you a happier and a more self fulfilled person. Besides, who doesn't want to be happy?! Being happy not only makes you feel good and positively affects your interaction with the surroundings (more fun to be around too), it has a profound impact on your productivity, health and well-being too.