Community Support

One of the main components of our website is the online community and support system we have created. We want everyone to succeed in achieving their goals and there is no doubt that it is easier if you have people rooting for you and there to help and offer advice when life is challenging and it becomes difficult to remain focused and motivated.

"Our goal is to foster a positive environment where everyone helps each other be successful"

Once you become a member you can use the blogs or community to engage others for advice and support. The MyDagaz™ team and community members are here to support you in every way possible, from start to end to help you keep focused on your goals. This, along with the importance of the bracelet and function of the charms and their constant reminders, we are giving you every opportunity to succeed and become a happier and more content individual.

High Quality Materials

When designing the bracelets and the charms, we have made sure that the materials are of extremely high quality, durable and will take a "beating". We envision that you will be using the bracelet 24/7 with very few exceptions, so it has to endure a wide variety of challenging environments without deteriorating or degrading.

The bracelet is made of high quality stainless steel and is double linked to be extra strong. The clasp is custom made for extra strength and wraps around the steel pin so it will catch the steel pin and remain on your wrist even if it were to open by accident. The weight of the bracelet is of course on the heavier side due to the solid construction, but the weight of the bracelet is meant to give the bracelet an awareness so you never "forget" it is there.

The charms on the other hand are custom made to be extremely light weight, thin, but strong and durable to allow you to put as many on the bracelet as you need without it inhibiting your movements or hurting you. Traditional charms are much heavier than ours, and are not suitable for a functional piece like MyDagaz™ is.

Member Charm Replacement

We like to go the extra distance and help our members when unfortunate circumstances occur, and we give all our active members free charm replacements should a charm break. All you have to do is send us the broken charm with a pre-paid padded return envelope, and we will send you a brand new replacement charm. Unfortunately we cannot replace lost or missing charms.