What is MyDagaz™ ?

MyDagaz™ consists of two main elements;

  1. The Online Support Community and a set of tools to help you track and manage the goals and dreams you have decided you want to focus on. The Online Support Community consists of MyDagaz™ staff and all the other MyDagaz™ members, and the sole purpose of the community is to offer support and encouragement to each other when life becomes challenging it is becomes difficult focusing on their goals and dreams.
  2. The Goal Reminder bracelet is a critical piece to succeeding, and the bracelet's main function is to keep reminding you of the promises you made to yourself, i.e. the goals and dreams you decided to pursue. Members should wear the bracelet with the milestone charms so they at a glance can see where they stand and how far they have to go before reaching their goal. The charms provides subtle and soft reminders to the member so they don't forget.

Although bits and pieces of our philosophy might not be new, it has never been compiled and organized into a personal, goal-oriented methodology and thought process like what MyDagaz™ represents. We are not fanatics, but recognize that often it can take every ounce of strength and willpower to remain focused on dreams and goals, and we are all about helping you remain focused and on track!

MyDagaz™ is the only milestone management that incorporates mind, body and spirit into easy to use tools to keep you motivated to reach any goal, and to ensure you do not regress backwards and not hold yourself accountable for those transgressions.

Being able to achieve a goal you set is an amazing feeling. The realization of days, weeks, months or years of hard work in a single moment can be one of the most memorable times of your life. It is why, after all, we create goals in the first place. We want to achieve them, not just talk about them or “hope” that we might someday maybe check it off the list.

MyDagaz™ is built around managing your goals in a way that is engaging, and physically visible to you day in and day out. Through the use of optics and our easy-to-use website, you will find as so many have, the ultimate in milestone and goal management and achievement. Success is only a click away.

What is the meaning behind MyDagaz™ ?

MyDagaz™ has its roots from the ancient (estimated to 4,000 years) Norse (Viking) rune called Dagaz. Dagaz literally translates into the word "Day" or "Dawn", and means "dawn", "awakening" and "breakthrough". It is a rune of bold change and refers to time with a daily cycle and stands for ‘the process of concept being realized’.

Dagaz is the rune of the hyper-consciousness for present awareness and future growth, and the process of concept becoming realized. A new dawn or a major change of direction. Achievement and prosperity, a successful conclusion to a passage. This very positive rune signifies a well-led life and an individual who is happy with themselves and their position in life. Darkness is behind you because a new day has begun - balance has been achieved.

"If you stay true to yourself, only good things will come your way."

A Modern Take on Ancient Beliefs

Dagaz is a key rune that we believe exemplifies our drive to help our customers, friends, and family reach their goals and realize their true future. We have harnessed all the good associated with MyDagaz™ and transformed it into a modern system to encourage transformation of dreams and goals to realize a positive outcome, happiness in life and inner balance. For thousands of years, it was strongly believed that the Dagaz symbol brings a positive outcome to any situation that is of concern.

We are taking this positive energy and embracing it in addition to foster positive thinking and attitude - key ingredients to succeed and accomplish tasks and goals. In all areas of MyDagaz™, you will see references to this rune. We want to simplify your "journey" towards the final milestone and feel runes represent one of the most common, simple and easy to understand languages that has ever existed.

MyDagaz™ - My New Day

In other words, MyDagaz™ represents the dawn of a new day, a day with new opportunities to accomplish things and strive for inner well being and balance. It personifies what we all seek every day: happiness, satisfaction, inner peace and contentment. Don't get us wrong, we are not hoping a symbol is automatically going to make all of this happen overnight. Nothing is ever easy in life, but we firmly believe that with dedication, focus, a positive outlook, belief in yourself, and the support and encouragement of the MyDagaz™ community, you can achieve anything in life. Don't put it off (again), join the MyDagaz™ community right now and get started today!