Using MyDagaz™

There are many ways to use the charms and we do not want to discourage anyone from being creative. There are some proven ways to doing it and we will outline those here as well as discuss different ways of using them in our Blog.


The bracelet is made of stainless steel and will survive most environments as it is intended to be worn 24/7. You might find it difficult to sleep with the bracelet on or prefer taking it off when showering, and of course you should take it off when you want to. It is important though to keep it on as much as possible as it is your constant reminder of the goals you have set for yourself.


Recommended use of the charms is to attach all milestone charms for a particular goal and then remove charms as you reach milestones. We designed the bracelet and the charms to work together to keep reminding you of your dreams and goals without being overbearing or annoying. The charms are very strong, yet extremely light weight and adding dozens of charms will barely impact the weight. We believe placing all the charms when you start pursuing a dream or goal is the most inspirational, not only because you clearly can see all the milestones you need to accomplish before you reach your goal, but all the charms provide a stronger, yet extremely gentle, soft and soothing touch to the skin to make sure you do not forget what is important to you.

MyDagaz™ Online Support Community

The MyDagaz™ Online Support Community is a social networking platform on the MyDagaz™ website designed to allow all MyDagaz™ members to interact and support each other in addition to our dedicated personnel. This is a very powerful tool which will keep our members motivated and somewhere to turn when "life happens" and you need someone to lean on for support and encouragement to keep you going. The Community is the main source of support and collaboration between members and MyDagaz support personnel are there to help each other achieve their goals.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The FAQ section is where we post answers to the most frequently asked questions to help newcomers as well as existing members.

MyDagaz™ Blog

The Blog is another tool we use to help members with questions they might have and categorize the answers according to topic.

Goal Manager

The Goal Manager is your online tool for tracking and managing your goals, milestones and self-imposed deadlines and timelines. This is an important tool that helps you keep It also offers other features to help you get rid of bad habits and other vices.

Membership Subscriptions

MyDagaz™ is a membership based organization and relies on memberships to fund staff, technology and support growth. The membership fees are extremely low and will be kept that way as we do not want this to be a financial burden. Unfortunately, many people cannot afford even a low membership fee, and we do offer assistance to low income families and you can write us to learn how you can receive This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .